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Immigration Services

At the law firm of Weisberg, Friedman & Klapisch we understand just how high the stakes are when you or a member of your family is facing removal or seeking asylum in the United States. That's why our practice is focused exclusively on immigration law.

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We provide legal advice and representation for clients throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the United States. We also represent clients who are applying for temporary (nonimmigrant) or immigrant (green card) visas at U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world.

How We Help You

Documentation Support

Immigration and nationality law, perhaps more than other fields of law, is very document intensive. Administrative agencies and the courts have little tolerance for inaccuracies, omissions or insufficiently supported claims. As immigration lawyers, much of our work involves making certain that applications and supporting documentation are accurate and complete. This helps us build a persuasive claim that gets results for you.

Compelling Arguments

In many areas of immigration and nationality law, immigration judges have substantial discretion when deciding whether to grant a request for relief. Our extensive experience in immigration law means we're able to present compelling arguments before immigration judges and other officials that often shift the odds in your favor.

In-Depth Immigration Strategies

For every immigration rule, there are usually a number of exceptions. In many instances, understanding which exceptions apply can mean the difference between staying in the United States or being deported. It can mean the difference between being approved for a visa or being denied. We understand the ins and outs of immigration law and apply them to get the best outcomes for our clients.

Practice Areas

With over 35 years of experience in immigration law, as well as 11 years working with the INS, Weisberg, Friedman and Klapisch can assist with a wide variety of immigration issues including:

Family Immigration

Relative visa petitions, fiancé/fiancée visa petitions, adjustment of status or consular processing, adoption

LGBT Immigration

Marriage-based cases, fiancé/fiancée visa cases, asylum, cancellation of removal

I-751 Petitions to Remove Conditions

Preparation of petitions to document a continuing good faith marriage or qualification for exceptions to the joint filing requirement

Employment based immigration

Extraordinary ability, national interest waivers and permanent employment certification

Immigration Court Defense

Removal, rescission; asylum, cancellation of removal, waivers of removability, fraud and criminal issues

Temporary Working Visas

H visas, Treaty Traders and Investors, E-3 visas, Intracompany transferees; TN Status under NAFTA

Changes in Nonimmigrant Status

Changes to F-1 or J-1 students or temporary workers

DACA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Counsel on options as this challenging situation unfolds following President Trump's revocation of the Executive Order


Consultation on eligibility for asylum, both administratively or before the Immigration Court, as well as withholding of deportation, and protection under the Convention Against Torture before the Immigration Court.

TPS Temporary Protected Status

Consultation, documentation, filing and maintenance of TPS status


Naturalization applications, applications for Certificates of Citizenship, consultation on citizenship eligibility, including the impact of excessive absence, criminal record and eligibility for medical exception to requirements of English ability and knowledge of history and government of the United States.

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