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Removal Proceedings

Manhattan Deportation Lawyers

If you are the subject of removal proceedings, you face an urgent situation. The most important thing you can do is contact a lawyer with substantial experience defending people in removal proceedings. At Weisberg, Friedman & Klapisch, LLP, attorneys Terry Friedman and Steven Klapisch each offer clients more than 30 years of experience in immigration law. Each of our lawyers has represented clients in a variety of different situations. Contact our law firm to discuss your situation today.

You can face the possibility of removal for a number of reasons, including:

  • Crimes involving moral turpitude (CIMT), aggravated felonies, and crimes involving drugs
  • Unlawful presence
  • Overstaying a visa
  • Violating the terms of a visa

There are many potential ways to stop a removal proceeding. Our lawyers will evaluate the facts and help you understand your options.

One form of relief from removal is the Cancellation of Removal. In order to qualify for cancellation as a permanent resident, you must have been a permanent resident of the United States for five years, have seven years of continuous residence in the United States, and have no aggravated felonies. Even if you meet these qualifications, cancellation of removal is still at the discretion of an immigration judge. As a non-permanent resident, cancellation of removal is available to a client with 10 years of continuous residence and certain U.S. citizen or permanent resident relations, who would suffer extreme hardship if the client were to be removed.

If you do not meet the terms for cancellation of removal, we will examine other forms of relief, such as asylum. In order to qualify for asylum, we must show that you have a "well-founded fear of persecution" in your home country due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion. Another form of relief is adjustment of status. When appropriate, we can look into administrative or judicial forms of relief from removal, including motions to reopen, a stay of the removal proceedings, or an administrative or judicial appeal. In every case, our law firm will determine the best avenues to seek the relief you need.

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Begin your defense against removal proceedings. Call or e-mail our New York City removal proceedings lawyers to discuss your concerns. Our law firm is located in Manhattan, and our practice is concentrated in the tri-state area.

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