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Naturalization and Citizenship

Manhattan Citizenship Attorneys

For many, if not most, people emigrating to the United States, the final goal is to become a United States citizen. Citizenship confers many benefits, including the right to vote and apply for certain government jobs. It is possible to obtain citizenship through many different methods. At Weisberg, Friedman & Klapisch, LLP, our lawyers have helped many individuals and families achieve their goal of United States citizenship. Contact our office to learn more.

Citizenship Through the Naturalization Process

If you are a green card holder or lawful permanent resident, you can apply for citizenship if you meet a number of specific qualifications. Green card holders can apply for citizenship after five years. If you are married to a United States citizen, you can apply for citizenship after three years. Other requirements include:

  • Maintaining continuous evidence of residency in the United States. It may be necessary to show evidence of leases, utility bills, bank statements and other evidence.
  • A physical presence in the United States for at least half of the period of continuous residence.
  • The ability to read, speak and understand English. Certain individuals are exempt from this requirement
  • An understanding of United States history and government
  • Evidence of good moral character.

Our law firm can help prepare a complete application to become a naturalized citizen.

Automatic Citizenship Through Acquisition or Derivation

A person born abroad can be automatically a citizen of the United States based upon having United States citizen parents. The rules governing this are based upon when the person is born. Varying periods of residence of the citizen parent are required depending upon when the child is born. This is called acquisition of citizenship.

A person can also automatically become a citizen of the United States after he is born. This requires admission to the United States as a permanent resident and the naturalization of a parent. This is called derivation of citizenship.

Citizenship for Members of the U.S. Armed Forces

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces can obtain citizenship in a much shorter period of time. If you served during peacetime, you are eligible to apply for naturalization after one year of service. If you have been discharged from the armed forces, you must have received an honorable discharge. If you have served honorably during a "period of hostilities," even for one day, you can apply for naturalization. Any person who has served honorably since September 11, 2001 to the present day has served during a period of hostilities. Current and former members of the armed forces must meet a number of additional requirements to obtain citizenship.

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