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In New York, married couples applying for a marriage visa are subject to an initial interview to determine that their marriage is, indeed, valid. If the examiner believes the marriage is fraudulent and set up only for the purposes of immigration, a follow-up interview may be scheduled. The second interview is commonly referred to as a Stokes interview. At the Stokes interview, the spouses will be separated and asked a series of detailed questions about their marital lives. The spouses' individual answers are then compared, and an immigration services officer (ISO) from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reviews the answers to determine whether it is clear the parties share experiences as a married couple. If the ISO determines the marriage was fraudulent, for immigration purposes only, a permanent bar may be placed on future petition approval for the alien party.

Typically, the stokes interview will include questions about:

  • Questions about your marriage: Questions might include such things as the date you met your spouse, date of the marriage, who is responsible for which household tasks, such as paying bills, housecleaning and general repairs. The ISO may ask questions that many people who have been married for many years might have trouble answering, including, what is your spouse's favorite TV show, exact time of day your children were born and your spouse's favorite vacation spot.
  • Questions about your spouse: This category can include questions about your spouse's specific job task, names of your spouse's siblings or cousins, questions about non-custodial kids from a prior relationship and the company your spouse worked for before the marriage. Some questions can get very personal, including which side your spouse prefers to sleep on and the color of pajamas.
  • Questions about your home: To prove you live together, the ISO might ask questions about the specifics of your house such as the number of closets, what day does the garbage get picked up or what is the code to the garage door opener or security system.

We Will Help You Get Through the Stokes Interview in New York

The stokes interview is unique to New York immigration law. If you are in a valid marriage and have been notified that you and your spouse will be required to undergo a further round of questioning by immigration officials, talk to an attorney at Weisberg, Friedman & Klapisch, LLP, in Manhattan. We will explain the process and prepare you for what to expect. We will accompany you to the interview and will make sure the examiner treats you with respect throughout the process. We can offer ongoing legal counsel about which questions may be outside of the scope of your rights, as well.

We are your full-service U.S. immigration and nationality law firm in New York City. See us about any family visa or immigration issue, including:

Experienced Manhattan Stokes Interview Attorney

From our offices on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, our New York immigration and nationality lawyers provide legal advice and representation for clients throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the United States. We also work with clients worldwide who are seeking application assistance through their local consulate. Call us at 212-696-2666 or contact us by e-mail to arrange an initial consultation with one of our New York City stokes interview attorneys today.

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